About Us

PPCTV (Phnom Penh Municipal Cable TV) is the first and leading provider of Cable TV service and broadband Internet in Cambodia. PPCTV was founded September 1995. For over the past years, PPCTV has been well known for its established Cable Service and Internet Service operations that provide an extensive range of consumer products and services in Phnom Penh, Kampot and Sihanouk Province.

PPCTV has never hesitated to invest its resources into bringing in new technology from overseas as well as new services that could be said to be completely new in Cambodia. For instance, we were the first and only company to operate the MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service) cable TV service which allows people to watch a variety of channels via the use of a special antenna that our company provides and later we have upgraded from MMDS to Wireless Digital TV service.

In 2005, PPCTV was the first to deliver cable TV programs via Fiber Optic cable which promises advanced clear picture and crystal clear sound quality. It was able to provide its customers with more than hundreds of channels of full entertainment ranging from sports, kids, reality shows to news and documentaries with the installation of a simple Set-top Box. Following the establishment of Fiber Optic system, PPCTV rolled out a range of internet services which included Cable Modem Broadband, ADSL 2, leased line connection and FTTH (Fiber To The Home). Our Digital TV has also been upgraded to offer full HD 1080P video quality channels.

In 2013, PPCTV launch free TV station to serve those people in province who support PPCTV service. So we extend our service by launching a Free TV station call CTV 8 HD and going to reach whole Cambodia national wide. CTV8 HD channel is the first and leading Free-To-Air channel using the latest High Definition TV broadcasting and Internet Protocol network technology with information, education and entertainment programs for Cambodian.

Apart from delivering great entertainment to our clients, PPCTV also provides individuals or companies the option to advertise on any of our PPCTV channels.

PPCTV have been involved in serving people with the finest home entertainment and world-class Internet Service. We strive to make life more dynamic, enjoyable and entertaining by addressing the needs of Cambodian communities and keep pace with the changing world. We promise to bridge and keep people up abreast with the most creative and new technology available to Cambodia.

PPCTV continuously caters to the needs of the growing society of Cambodia.  


Our mission is to serve and deliver multimedia entertainment through innovative integration of technologies with creativity to all people, home and businesses in Cambodia.  


Our vision is to become a leading provider of world class channels and fast, reliable broadband internet in Cambodia.

Our Core Values


We move faster, providing better service for our customers. We strive harder to promote fast pace of technology to keep our customers updated.


PPCTV endeavors to offer best-in-class service quality in Cambodia and best customer service that will address customer’s need.

Staying Ahead

PPCTV promised to quickly adapt its services to new technologies and stay ahead of customers need. PPCTV will strive hard to provide customers a new vast of experience by achieving the latest and into more advanced technology.


We will continue to expand the diversity and variety of information that includes educational, cultural, political, health and human service resources issues around the world. PPCTV will also continue to introduce something new to provide the customers a better service and to achieve customer’s satisfaction.

PPCTV will empower our own customers to discover their world, broaden their horizons and become active participants in shaping the future. “Bring Colors to Life” is our slogan. Our aim is to make all people`s life more enjoyable, interesting, meaningful and colorful. PPCTV will promise to bring the latest technology into Cambodia community.