Digital TV

Digital TV provides our audience with High Definition (Full HD) channels via the use of Set-top box. The Set-top box will ensure that you can receive clear TV signal to your home and when coupled with HD TV, you can enjoy a cinematic experience at the comfort of your home! Call us to find out more (855-23) 880 028, (855-23) 880 038, (855-23) 881 962, (855-23) 880 136.

If you would like to see the list of channels we provide, please visit any of our branches and collect the latest TV Guide brochure!

Some of the HD Channels you can enjoy in full HD

and many more exciting channels awaiting you!

Get in touch with us for more information (855-23) 880 028, (855-23) 880 038, (855-23) 881 962, (855-23) 880 136.