Wireless Digital TV (DVBT)

  • More than 70 high quality channels
  • Includes PPCTV in-house drama channels such as PPCTV 6, PPCTV 9, PPCTV 10
  • No matter where you are in Phnom Penh, you can install a small antenna on your roof and receive high quality digital tv services with many entertainment channels to enjoy

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Powered by our own antenna tower that can provide services to all homes in Phnom Penh and also the outskirt of Phnom Penh where our Fiber Optic network does not cover. There are more than 70 channels for your enjoyment with our DVBT Wireless Digital TV service. All you need is purchase a small antenna from us and install on your roof top or somewhere high ground and a digital set-top box from us and you are ready to watch high quality cable tv channels as well as all PPCTV drama channels. Please call 088 933 3163, 016 865 101 or 077 372 138 for more information!